Welcome to El Aguila Mayor, complete tico company based in Manuel Antonio , where you can enjoy the nature as well learn about the natural history of the extraordinary wildlife and the culture of our town. We have been operating for several years, our experience and quality service is our business card. Our truly experienced guides will give you the time you deserve to make your vacation unforgettable.

Expeditions to national parks ( Manuel Antonio and Carara ), bird watching to hidden and wonderful places surrounded by lush vegetation, amazing waterfalls and abundance of wildlife, great look outs spots and friendly towns are just a some of our trips. We are able to set private tours, with bilingual naturalist guides, with the best service provided by a nature company. Special for families, groups or couples. So all of this natural attractions, are waiting for you to be discovered with us.

Since its establishment as a national park Manuel Antonio has become a main attraction in Costa Rica . Not only because of the pristine beaches and primary rainforest available just a few steps from the entrance, but for the incredible number of mammals and plants. Manuel Antonio National Park was the very first park in Central America to protect and preserve both ocean and land areas.

As a nature company, we offer some of the region’s top rated nature activities:

Carara National Park : one of the last sanctuaries in the country for the Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao), and known because of encompassing some of the Transitional forest left in Costa Rica (an amazing blend of biodiversity from both the tropical dry forest located NW and the tropical rain forest coming from the south).

Manuel Antonio : known as one of the most beautiful National Parks established in the country, it’s known for the great opportunities people have to spot important amounts of wildlife, not to mention four different beachfronts (some of them white sanded), and the opportunity to walk along a littoral forest, an interesting ecosystem where both the forest and the sea gather together as one.

Countryside Bird Watching : moving far in to Costa Rica’s rural areas, this is an excellent chance to get to know both, some of the area’s bird life and life style of the Costa Rican farmers (what we call “campesinos”) as you interact with them.

And  The Private Tours : you want us to set, even one of our regular activities or some special expeditions that you may have in mind.

About the Pictures in This Site

Most of these pictures were taken thru our optical equipment using pocket size digital cameras. We encourage you not to forget yours home and take some of this amazing memories back with you!

Note : pictures taken thru standard and high definition optical equipment, using 2.0 and 4.1 mega pixel cameras. Size, resolution and quality of your pictures will depend on aspects like your camera’s brand, quality of its lenses, and size of pictures (amount of mega pixels).

Photos and text by Aguila Mayor - Alberto Fallas & Gerardo Artavia